The Way Back
The Way Back
The Way Back

The Way Back

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En lækker West Coast IPA der bringer de glade minder frem med sin frugtige aroma.


I miss me. The old me. The happy me.

Sometimes you have to go back. Go way back.

Back to a time and place where you had no worries. No worries about mortgage payments and raising children.

And no worries about that stupid virus!!

And back to a time without complicated hazy beer styles with fruits and cookie flavours. Where malt and hops played the main parts in a beautiful presentation
of balance.

Give me a sunny day in good company outside with clear golden beer with piney, citrousy aromas and I will give you back the bright me.

Enjoy this West Coast IPA with Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops.


Vand, bygmalt, humle, gær.


West Coast IPA.

Alk. 6,5% vol.

33cl. glasflaske.